517YvOvk5iL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_PEN / ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing (2015 LONGLIST)

“In “Bird Dream,” Matt Higgins offers an engrossing account of the men and women who pursue the most dangerous recreational activity imaginable, one in which a razor-thin line separates success from failure, life from death.”The Washington Post

“Higgins has inherently thrilling material on his hands, but he does much more than merely describe the adrenaline-charged feats of jumpers. The book is a subtle study of the psychology of athletes engaged in a sport where death is a constant possibility.”    – The Chicago Tribune

“In ‘Bird Dream,’ Matt Higgins cracks open this astonishingly dangerous sport and captures the spectacular adrenaline surges it delivers.”The Wall Street Journal

The riveting story of two men racing to be the first to be dropped from 2400 feet up and land safely, with only a wing suit.” Popular Mechanics

“The book is, at heart, a thrill ride into the unknown.”   – Men’s Fitness

“Matt Higgins’ high-octane Bird Dream chronicles the rise of BASE jumping’s boldest stars…” – Men’s Journal

“…daring and grisly…” – Outside Magazine

Kirkus – Starred Review

Library Journal – Starred Review

“Deftly covering both the pursuit of glory and the technological details, Higgins also discusses Icarus and Lindbergh,Point Break and the X Games. He frames his dramatic characters within a larger, even more compelling story and does not skimp on the extreme aspects, making for exciting reading.” – Booklist         Bird Dream is the wingsuit Book to own.
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